How to take measurements

To measure a shirt that fits you well, follow these simple steps:


The neck measurement corresponds to the size of the shirt itself, expressed in centimeters (e.g. 40) or inches (e.g. 17)

The measurement must be taken by spreading the collar on a plane, from the center of the buttonhole to the button.


Measure the chest by spreading the buttoned shirt on a flat surface and taking the measurement under the seam of the sleeve as shown in the photo.

Shirt waistline

Measure the waist by taking the measurement from side to side between the fourth and fifth button.


Measure the length of the sleeve by taking the measurement from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff (included).


The shoulder measurement should be made at the height of the horizontal seam of the shoulder, measuring from side to side between the seams of the sleeves.


The length should be measured by measuring along the back from the neck seam to the end of the shirt.


To take the measure of the wrist, spread it open on a flat surface, as if you were ironing it, and take the full width.

shirt size chest shirt shirt waistline hip bone sleeve carrè shirt length armhole circumf.sleeve
36 98 85 94 64 43 75 23.5 34/30
37 102 89 98 65 (p7) 44 76 24 35/30
38 106 93 102 66 (p7) 45 77 24.5 36/31
39 110 97 10667 (p7)46782538/31
4011410111068 (p7)477925.539/32
4111810511469 (p7)4880.52640/33
4212210911870 (p7)498126.541/34
4312611312271 (p7)50822742/34
4413011712672 (p7)51832843/35
4513412113072.5 (p7)528428.544/35
4613812513473 (p7)53852945/35
4714212913873.5 (p7)54853046/36
4814613314274 (p7)5585.53147/37
4915013714674 (p7)5685.53247/37
5015414115074 (p7)57863348/38