Behind a shirt

There is a story in every seam, under every fold and between the textures of every fabric. There are the hands, heart, passion and experience of those who love their work and have chosen to make dreams come true. Kiton means tailoring, tradition and beauty. Kiton is people, quality and love.


Quality isn’t something you can start and stop. You either do everything the best way you can, or well, you’re just not doing it the Kiton way.


The one value that leads all others. Start anything with a family spirit, and you will feel all the pride, all the way.

Our homeland

Could have been M for Mama, could have been H for Home. Napoli raised us and still gives us today the roof under which we create every day.

A journey through tailoring and inspirations
The Kiton cosmopolitan spirit comes from tradition: faithful to the place in which we grew up, we are influenced by the rest of the world.

Our creations move all around the globe, bringing with them the priceless treasure of a wonderful place which is still our greatest source of inspiration. Unique pieces to be worn as a second skin.


The blood running through Ciro Paone’s veins is half love, half madness. It’s no wonder Kiton is what it is.


Pleasure can spark when properly summoned. Kiton quality does that. It summons pleasure. There’s really something quite spiritual about it.


For all things of course. With a tiny priority for people, tradition and time. Because all great things come from the combination of these three.